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Please Select a State

Select StateLien/Deed?Month of SaleReturnPenalty
AlabamaTax LiensYearly in April-June12%None
AlaskaTax DeedsVariesN/ANone
ArizonaTax LiensYearly in February16%None
Arkansas Tax DeedsMay-DecemberN/ANone
CaliforniaTax DeedsMonthly; Majority in May-JuneN/ANone
ColoradoTax LiensYearly in October-December+9%None
ConnecticutLiens & Redeemable DeedsVariesN/A18%
DelawareRedeemable DeedsVariesN/A15%
District of ColumbiaTax LiensYearly in July18%N/A
FloridaTax Liens & Tax DeedsLiens: Yearly in May-June; Deeds: Monthly18%None
GeorgiaRedeemable DeedsMonthlyN/A20%
Guam Yearly  
HawaiiRedeemable DeedsYearly in June or Nov-Dec12%None
IdahoTax DeedsYearly in MayN/ANone
IllinoisTax Liens & Tax DeedsLiens: Yearly in Oct-Dec; Deeds: Monthly; Scavenger: Varies36%None
IndianaLien and DeedLiens: Yearly in August-October; Deeds: Varies10%15%
IowaTax LiensYearly in June24%None
KansasTax DeedsVariesN/AN/A
Kentucky Tax LiensYearly in July-October12%None
LouisianaTax Liens & Tax DeedsLiens: Yearly in May-June; Deeds: Monthly12%5%
MaineTax DeedsVariesN/AN/A
MarylandTax LiensVaries; Majority May-June18%None
MassachusettsTax DeedsVaries16%N/A
MichiganTax DeedsBetween the third Tuesday in July and the first Tuesday in November. N/ANone
MinnesotaTax DeedsVariesN/ANone
MississippiTax LiensYearly in August or April18%N/A
MissouriTax LiensYearly in August10%None
MontanaTax LiensAvailable year around; Updated in July10%2%
NebraskaTax LiensYearly in March14%None
Nevada Tax DeedsYearly in AprilN/AN/A
New HampshireNo SalesNo SalesN/ANone
New JerseyTax LiensStandard: Yearly; Accelerated: June or Dec18%6%
New MexicoTax DeedsVariesN/ANone
New YorkTax Liens & Tax DeedsLien: Yearly; Deeds: Varies20%None
North CarolinaTax DeedsVariesN/ANone
North DakotaTax DeedsYearly in NovemberN/ANone
Northern Marianas Islands    
OhioTax Liens & Tax DeedsLiens: Varies; Deeds: Monthly18%None
OklahomaTax DeedsYearly in June8%None
OregonTax DeedsYearly in October - NovemberN/ANone
PennsylvaniaTax DeedsVariesN/ANone
Puerto Rico    
Rhode IslandTax LiensVaries16%N/A
South CarolinaRedeemable DeedsYearly in October-December12%None
South DakotaTax LiensYearly in December10%None
TennesseeRedeemable DeedsVaries10%None
TexasRedeemable DeedsMonthlyNone25%
UtahTax DeedsYearly in MayN/ANone
VermontTax LiensVaries12%8%
Virgin Islands    
VirginiaTax DeedsVariesN/ANone
WashingtonTax DeedsYearly in August, DecemberN/ANone
West VirginiaTax Liens & Tax DeedsLiens: Yearly in Nov; Deeds: Yearly in Sept-Oct12%None
WisconsinTax DeedsVariesN/ANone
WyomingTax LiensYearly in July-September15%3%