Available List Types

Premium Lists

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Professional tax sale investors do not have the time, and often the tools, to look up properties individually. TSR Premium Lists are unprecedented in the tax sale industry providing the following information, allowing extremely fast assessments on which items are “good”, which are “ok”, and which are “bad”. Having all the information in one, easily scripted format can save thousands of dollars in research costs and misinformed purchases.

  • Several Export and Printing Formats
  • Property Pictures (Provided by Google and Bing)
  • Property Location Parsed Out
  • Property (Land Use) Class in Code and Text Formats (County and Nationwide Standardization)
  • Land, Improvement and Total Assessed Values
  • Land, Improvement and Total Market Values (Where Applicable)
  • Last/Current Year’s Annual Taxes
  • Owner Occupied Flag, Number of Units, Year Built, Number of Stories
  • Latest Deed Date and Price, Prior Deed Date and Price
  • Mortgage Date, Amount and Type (including Refinances and 2nd Mortgages)
  • Mailing Address of Owner
  • Lot Size, Building Class (where applicable), Zoning (where applicable)
  • Longitude and Latitude
  • Additional Legal Parcel Identifiers

'As Received' Lists

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'As Received' lists are exactly what they sound like.  They are the lists exactly as TSR receives them from the jurisdiction.  By law, jurisdictions are required to advertise sale lists in locations accessible by the public.  The format (pdf, excel, web page, etc.) and information contained within varies widely, but are available to your absolutely FREE.