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How do I upgrade my account?
To upgrade your account click on “Upgrade Account” located on your left. This will take you to the page where you can subscribe to Nationwide Access as well as show you all the different access options. Click “Subscribe” and you’ll be taken to PayPal to sign up for the monthly or yearly subscription.

How do I cancel my account?
To cancel your account, go to your PayPal account and cancel your subscription with Tax Sale Resources, or you can contact Customer Service at

What is included in the Nationwide Access?
To see all the benefits of Nationwide Access, go to You will find a checklist of products and services for both free access and full access. Important services include multiple search capabilities both at the state level and nationwide level, e-mailed state notifications, list profiling capability, and more.

How quickly is your turn-around on data once the list is ordered?
Data availability falls into one of the following three categories:

  • If Tax Sale Resources has already processed the data, the data will be available immediately.
  • If Tax Sale Resources has received the list from the jurisdiction, but has not yet processed the data, it will be available within four business days.
  • If Tax Sale Resources has not yet received the list from the jurisdiction, data will be processed within four days after the list is received.

How soon before the sale do you have data available?
To ensure investors have data with plenty of time to perform any additional due diligence, Tax Sale Resources makes every attempt to collect tax sale lists at least three weeks prior to the sale. To eliminate as many redeemed properties as possible, Tax Sale Resources does not collect lists earlier than six weeks prior to the sale.
Note - In some circumstances the jurisdiction does not make the list available prior to three weeks before the sale. When this happens, Tax Sale Resources will obtain the list and process it as soon as possible.

Why do you have missing data for some parcels?
Occasionally data may not be provided by the county for select parcels or information may not have been provided correctly in the raw data. Tax Sale Resources standard policy is to produce lists with no more than 10% of the parcels missing data.

How recent is your assessment data?
How current assessment data is varies from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. Tax Sale Resources does not process data unless assessment data is less than eighteen months old. For more specific details on a specific jurisdiction you may contact Customer Service at

Can you provide information on prior liens?
It depends on what information you are looking for. If it is simply the list from a prior sale, we provide that at a discounted price. If you are looking for the results, see "Do you have results from prior sales?" below. At this time, lien history is available in Florida and Arizona only. Tax Sale Resources is working to provide similar information for the remaining thirty lien states nationwide.

Do you have results from prior sales?
Tax Sale Resources does not currently provide prior sale results on a large scale. If you require sale results, please contact Customer Service at with the specific jurisdictions you’re interested in.

Do you offer bulk rate pricing?
Yes, Tax Sale Resources does offer discounts on large volumes! Contact Customer Service at for more details.

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