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State Summary

Washington is a deed state. The minimum bid includes the amount due to the county for the tax, interest, penalties and foreclosure costs. Bidding in most counties must be done in person, not by phone or mail. Payment by the successful bidder must be made immediately upon winning the bid by cashier's check, money order, certified check, or cash. The successful bidder will receive a treasurer's deed without any expressed or implied warranty.

There is no right of redemption for parcels sold. Exceptions to this are the rights of a minor child or a person legally judged to be incompetent. In those cases, there is a 3-year redemption period. As real estate taxes are in the first lien position, the tax foreclosure extinguishes all other encumbrances including, but not limited to, deeds of trust, mortgages, contracts, liens, judgments and any similar items. However, any local improvement assessments remain and become the obligation of the buyer. Also, Internal Revenue liens remain.

Tax sales in the state of Washington are the responsibility of the county treasurer. Most counties have tax sale information online. Some of the larger counties even have their tax sale lists available online and update them regularly.

Summary courtesy of Joanne Musa's State Guide